Bulk Product Available:

Most products available in these sizes:  25lb, 50lb, drums or tote bags.

Please contact Genesis for a complete list of sizes available and prices. All quotes subject to final confirmations.

Organic Grains & Cereals


Barley hulled

Barley pearled

Buckwheat groats

Buckwheat roasted kasha

Flax brown

Flax yellow

Hemp seeds hulled


Millet hulled

Oat groats stabilized

Popcorn yellow

Quinoa black

Quinoa red

Quinoa white

Rice arborio white

Rice basmati brown

Rice basmati white

Rice broken

Rice jasmine brown

Rice jasmine red

Rice jasmine white

Rice long brown

Rice long white

Rice wild large

Rye fall

Sesame brown

Sesame hulled

Steel cut oats

Sunflower hulled (confectionary & bakery)

Wheat hard red spring

Organic Pulses

Beans adzuki

Beans baby lima

Beans black (turtle)

Beans black eye peas

Beans navy

Beans pinto

Beans red kidney

Beans soya

Beans white kidneys


Lentils black

Lentils brown

Lentils french

Lentils green (#1 & #2)

Lentils red split

Peas green whole

Peas green split

Peas yellow split

Organic Sprouting seeds

Alfalfa seeds

Beans mung

Red clover

Organic Dried fruits & nuts


Apricots #4

Brazil nuts


Cranberries (sugar cane or apple juice)

Dates medjool (fancy & extra fancy)

Dates pitted (Arya Select)


Natural figs # 4-6

Pistachios in shell (natural or roasted & salted)

Prunes pitted

Pumpkin seed (GWS-A & AAA)

Raisins sultanas

Raisins thompson


Organic Oils

Extra virgin olive oil

Sunflower oil RBD (deodorized)

Coconut oil RBD (deodorized)

Organic Flakes & Flours

Barley flakes

Kamut flakes

Long brown rice flour

Oats rolled flakes

Quinoa flakes

Rye flakes

Soy (stabilized) flakes

Spelt flakes

Wheat flakes

Coconut flour

Organic Sweeteners & Others

Blue poppy seeds

Chia seed black

Chia seeds white

Coconut DC (medium & fine)

Coconut toasted flakes

Couscous (regular & whole wheat)

Pearl couscous (regular or three color)


Oat bran

Stevia powder  (2X10 kg)

Sugar cane

Sugar coconut

Tomatoes sundried sliced

Sea salt pure (no additive)